Founded in 1995, PSG company grew strongly on the local market thanks to the distribution of spare-parts for the rental and construction companies.

With the world development of the building sector and the sale of tower cranes and self-erecting cranes, PSG managed to set up new business relationships all over the world.

Our offices are located on the West of Paris, in Brittany, at only 1 hour from Nantes and soon 20 minutes from the new international airport.

With 19 years of experience, we can we can answer all your requests, like:

-Provide you wih technical advices regarding your project,

-A quality of service and competitive prices

-We manage all the stages from the purchase of the crane until the arrival at the destination of your choice everywhere in the world : (packing, logistics, freight, management of the documents, financing)

-Assembly of the crane

-Training for your team (crane driver and interference system)

-Possibility of reconditioning, sanding and painting the masts sections

-After-sale service for spare-parts



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